4 channels H-bridge motor driver IC, rating of 40 V/3.5 A

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TB67H452FTG is an H-bridge motor driver IC with rating of 40 V and 3.5 A, and capable of driving up to four DC brushed motors. It can control 7.2 V motors with up to 3 A, allowing it to support lithium-ion battery-powered applications such as robot cleaners and assistant robots. Also, there is a trend to lower the driving voltage from 14.4 V to 7.2 V to reduce the battery cost. To match this trend, we developed the IC to support 7.2 V devices.

Other than robot equipment, demands of relatively low-power applications such as electric tools and surveillance cameras increase rapidly. TB67H452FTG started mass production as an optimal IC for these applications.

Three features
● TB67H452FTG can provide sufficient driving current though it supports the minimum of 6.3 V drive, satisfying the required operating range of the customer’s set.

● Simultaneous multiple motor drives are possible. : Up to four DC brushed motors, and up to two stepping motors in stepping motor mode.

● Assembling the driver into a small QFN package allows the customers to simplify the PCB patterns for heat dissipation. It is also affordable, space and cost-wise.
● Small home-use robots (cleaning robots, etc.)
● Electric tools
● Surveillance cameras
● Other battery-powered applications

Main specifications of product


Package dimensions
Unit: mm

Weight: 0.137 g (typ.)
Application circuit example


Note: The application circuits shown in this document are provided for reference purposes only, and are not guaranteed for mass production. Any license to any industrial property rights is granted by the provision of these examples of application circuits. 

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